Friday, November 12, 2010

Prompted To Ramble by Doctor Love

Renewing the Ramble

I know I know my ramblings have been quiet. I have decided that it is time to be a bit more consistent with getting my thoughts and ramblings written... even if it is just for me.... But if you happen to be reading this then that makes me happy as well.

I wish I could tell you there would be a consistent theme but I am afraid if I say that then I will be locked in. The best I can do is tell you about where I will be rambling about. My intentions are to move randomly through the areas of youth ministry, thoughts about ministry, worship and technologies in the church.

Sometimes we need a spark to get things moving. Often times that spark comes from where you least expect it:

Woke up in the morning and it felt like the black of night
Tumbled out of bed, tripped on my Bible, stumbled over the light
Blinded by the break of day
I shut my eyes, I was alone
Couldn't say my prayers
Good God Almighty
Where's my telephone?

And now I know
Now I know
Know what you meant when you told me
You wanted to hold me
And hold me
Hold me forever
Hold me and never
Tell me you'll ever
Let me go

No I did not know
I didn't understand the plan
You had for me
And it isn't that I don't believe
I do believe that you really love me
Yeah, but how do I reciprocate
When there's nothing good in me?

The Boat Ashore (Mike Roe, Bruce Spencer)

Tonight I was able to go see a concert for the first time in a long that had nothing to do with church or youth ministry. One of my favorite songwriters and musicians Michael Roe was in town. Mike is the lead singer for the 77's and Lost Dogs as well as his own solo music. Michael is irreverently reverent. He makes you think and laugh at the same time. Sometimes we get caught up in so much “stuff” that we forget about doing things that are important not just for ourselves but our souls.

When I gave up, you held up

When I ran out, you filled me up
When I kept runnin', you kept up
When I let you down you lifted me up

This is the way love is

When I couldn't find the words, you understood
When I didn't find the time, you were in no hurry
When I wouldn't make ends meet, you tied them together
When I cheated you kept to the rules

Well, this is the way love is
This is the way love is
When it's a one-sided double-minded mirror with no reflection

77's This Is The Way Love Is Sticks and Stones

Tonight seeing Mike Roe reminded me of why I like his music so much. I have only been able to see Mike with the 77's and Lost Dogs. I have heard his live CD's but I have gotten to hear his fun conversations and commentary. To see “Doctor Love” I was reminded about the wonderful idea of being Irreverently Reverent. This was an evening of just being absorbed into the moment. Sometimes people who work in Ministry forget that we need those times to be absorbed. To allow God to just be there. Not forcing... not working hard... not being a minister.... just being a participant in God's grace that can easily surround us if we allow it to happen.

Ok... now back to the real world... I am looking forward to my next ramblings!



Doctor Love is the self made nick name for Michael Roe. If you would like to know more about Mike Roe and his music check out these links:

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